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Expand the knowledge you have on door locksets and their proper use and maintenance by reading this dedicated FAQ page. It contains answers to questions on some of the most important topics in the locksmith field. The information is easy to understand and more than valuable to use.

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Can I repair the lock alone?

It depends on the problem. If it's clear to you that the door doesn't lock well because the strike plate is loose and it will only take you a few minutes to tighten the screws to fix the problem, then it's alright to fix the lock on your own. For greater problems or if you are unsure, prefer trusting lock repair to our technicians.

I've broken my key in my lock, can a locksmith help?

Yes. Our mobile technicians have the skills, unique tools and key extractors to be able to remove any key that breaks off in a lock. We can then make you a new key which will work perfectly in the lock, one stronger than the original.

How can I protect my keys from bending?

You should not use them for anything else, but unlocking doors. They are not tools. When you unlock the door, don’t apply a lot of force while inserting or turning the key. If the lock doesn’t work smoothly, just jiggle the key a bit.

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