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How to Clean House Keys

07/09/2015 Back To Blog

A house key is the password for your door locks. It is used to open or close the lock.As the most important component, it is used on a regular basis because it provides security against theft and crime. However, if you've dropped the house key in mud or grease, key replacement or key repair aren’t the answers. It just necessitates the need for cleaning. With proper cleaning techniques, you'll be locking the door again with a shiny house key.How to Clean House Keys

Effective Ways to Clean Keys

First of all, avoid putting the keys in places with moisture, since they can build rust making it difficult to clean. If the key falls down in water or mud, wipe it with a clean tissue or dry piece of cloth. Next, apply coconut oil and leave it for one minute. Once done, rinse with clean water and use a dry and soft cloth. It is recommended to wash the keys with hot water once a week, and make sure to wipe them with a dry cloth.If you have dropped your house keys in a germ-laden area, always wear gloves while cleaning, and wipe them with a sanitizer after cleaning.

Effective Ways to Shine Keys

To make it shiny, scrub the keys with lemon and salt and rinse it off with dish soap to remove iron particles that form rust. Salt and lemon also remove moisture being absorbed by the metal key. If the house keys are rusty, soak them in a water and vinegar solution and leave it for 20 minutes. When the rust has come out, wash the keys with clean water and leave it for another 30 minutes till the rust comes out completely. Another natural remedy is to scrub the keys with toothpaste and leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse with hot water.

How Do You Clean Locks?

If the locks are also rusty, pour a few drops of coconut oil in the lock hole. The purpose for this is to easily open the stubborn lock. Just like the keys, keep your locks away in places that are prone to moisture, since they only form rust and make it difficult to unlock the key.

If house keys are lost or you need them repaired, don’t hesitate to ask help from us. Residential Locksmith Service knows that residential keys provide confidence and peace of mind. Qualified staff is ready to respond to your call 24/7.

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